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One Piece Cosplay And Many Cosplay Costumes Once Appearing In Cartons!

Recently, one of my foreign friends is going to have a birthday party in Guangzhou, actually it is much more like a masquerade. To be honest, I have never been in a party, as you know, Chinese people are not open-minded like foreigners and the people whom I know have never held a party. Oh, my God, what should I do? I don’t want to look like an idiot when I am there.I have known that foreign friend for about 1 year. He once held several parties and every time he invited me there, but I refused cause I am really not that kind of party girl. I don’t know what I should wear, what should I do what should I say in the parties. I am kind of afraid of attending parties. However this time, I can’t get rid of his birthday party or he is going to end friendship with me.

Well, it seems like there is no chance to avoid this. All I have to do is face it. First, I have to figure out what I should I wear on the party. Since it is a masquerade, then I can’t wear regular clothes. Well, then if I wear some best cosplay costumes, then others will not know who I am and even though I do something stupid, others will not know who it is. Thinking of these, I don’t feel that scared now.Aware of what I should do right now, I start to search cosplay costume in the internet cause I am not familiar with Guangzhou and it is much more convenient to buy stuff on the internet. I searched a lot and found that there are so many cosplay costumes, like Lolita cosplay, one piece cosplay and many cosplay costumes once appearing in cartons, like the popular Narrator which I have been watching since the first scene.

Well, finally I found a great cosplay costume store on the internet. It is fantastic and is like the heaven of cosplay costumes, like Code Grass cosplay, Inuyasha cosplay, Bleach cosplay and so on.Actually I like Akashi best in Narrator, so I decide to buy some of his costumes, like his veil, so I can hide part of my face and for others; it is not that easy to recognize me. I also buy his headband and I think if I put that on my head, it will make me much cooler. I also buy Naruto Akatsuki Cosplay Costume which is also very cool and although it is not a very nice organization. Check out.Well, I think with these three costumes, they will not recognize who I am and I will look very cool. This time, I don’t think my friend is going to be angry with me. I am going to have fun at his birthday party.

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